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Don't let your hard work be discarded!

Read the information below on how to properly add matches!

How to use:
  1. Load the YouTube video.
  2. Populate video details such as date, netplay, appropriate tags.
  3. Match start point is when the characters are able to move. BE PRECISE to the second. It sucks to wait until the match starts when searching matches.
  4. Once you get to the match's start point, you MUST refresh the editor time by clicking the "Refresh time" button. This will set the editor time of when the match starts.
  5. Populate the match's details. Player characters, and names if possible.
  6. Since the match start time is saved, you are then free to scroll forward in the match and find the result of that match.
  7. Once you know the result, set the winner of the match, and click Add @ time button.
  8. Note that when you add a match, the video information is also going to be updated.
  9. Use the char+player list on the top left (It will appear once you add an entry with a player name). It's a list of all unique characters+player pair. Clicking P1 or P2 will add that player with that character to the respective form. This simplifies adding player names and removes risks of typos.

  • One match = one entry in the editor. Don't just put a start of each set in the video, every match counts.
  • Make sure you pick the right characters.
  • Only add player names when you are sure.
  • Japanese, or any other non-english player names should be written in the form of romaji (native). There are some japanese names in the DB, see for yourself.
  • If most matches in the video are from netplay, mark it as netplay.
  • Date of the video is when matches were played (if known). If not known, set it to the video's upload date.
  • Do not include player names or character names in the tags, as those can be specifically searched for.
  • Be careful when using the char+player list. Make sure the character is correct. Some players might use multiple characters.
  • If still unsure, try pasting video URL that is already in the database. This will show you all matches in that video.
  • If still unsure, ask Eika. Contact details are in the FAQ page.

  • Use YouTube's seek preview to find when match starts and ends.
  • Best to close YouTube's "More videos" panel in the player. Only need to do this once. It gets in the way.
  • Ctrl + Shift shortcut refreshes time. This only works when player is not "focused". Use buttons below the player to not click and focus on the player.